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Nc industry development are faced with the problem

Since 1958, China has been engaged in the research and development of numerical control system, which has been in recent 50 years. Although the start is not late, but from the current domestic and international situation, Chinas CNC system industry and the occupation of the international market, the 80% share of the two giants, the gap is still great. Chinas CNC system industry and the gap between the international advanced counterparts, China will be how to deal with the countermeasures to deal with such a gap? Reporter visited the branch of CNC system of China Machine Tool Industry Association, former Secretary General Liu long, the embedded CNC system industry for many years professionals to his rich experience in the industry, the height of industry responsibility sense proposed a series of hope for the Chinese industry. Domestic CNC system development today, has made great progress, with an annual output of up to 70000 sets, about 2000000000 yuan in output value. There are also some domestic enterprises, such as Guangzhou CNC, CNC, Kaine, etc.. How to narrow the gap with the international counterparts, is now an important issue in the field of research. First, the funds directly to the user The development of numerical control system to today, the maturity of the industry has become the key to the development of domestic CNC system industry. Domestic CNC system is not on the technology, but the lack of user use. But the maturity of the industry needs the user to cooperate in the use of the problem exposed the product, and then promote the improvement of products and further research and development. Unfortunately, this good cycle has always been difficult to form. Users from their own interests, is not willing to use a large number of domestic CNC system, the system production enterprises can not force users to use, so when the states intervention is very necessary. Now the country is also aware of this issue, has been introduced to support the development of CNC machine tools and CNC system planning, but how to make good use of, is still a question to be discussed. Whether to use the previous support for research methods, research will be allocated funds for R & D units? Liu long views, taking into account the role of users in the development of the CNC system industry, may wish to direct funds allocated to those who are willing and able to provide users of domestic CNC system industry running examination. Allow the user to configure the system with the funds. So on the one hand can make domestic CNC system in the actual industrial operation constantly exposed to the problem, and continue to be improved, so that the rapid formation of goods, of which the most important evaluation content are reliability; on the other hand can also for the formation of competition among R & D units, and has a natural survival of the fittest. In choosing to use domestic users, may wish to refer to consider these two conditions: the machining accuracy is not very high, use the general CNC system can; product cost is not too expensive, otherwise once the occurrence of rejection, the loss will be great. Based on these factors, you can choose non state secrets, the scale of military enterprises in general, on the one hand can meet the above 2 conditions, on the other hand, can also make the countrys instructions to implement the smooth. Two, system research and development of the 2 directions Liu Long also said that if the funds can be divided into 2 parts, it may be more conducive to the development of the industry. The first part of the funds for the development of more than 5 axes of high-end products, the second part of the funds used to support the industrialization of the general system. The current state of the industry, domestic products in research and development (R & D) though it has been possible to reach 5 shaft, shaft 8 or even 10 axis, and the country also has a little more than 5 axis products has become a commodity, but in fact, the market a large number of sales of the domestic system is 2 shaft products. And from the current domestic market point of view, the system can cover 4 axis CNC machine tool 90%, 5 axis system can cover up to 99%. Therefore, as the industrialization of the product should be differentiated with the product as R & D. Industrialization of the product will be a large amount of wide, to meet market demand, as the development of the product should be aimed at high-end, representative of the future development direction of the system, to become the industrys technical basis for reserve. While the industrys development strategy is based on 5 axis linkage following products (including 5 axis linkage). This is in fact the research and development of CNC system is divided into 2 directions, namely the high-end product development and general production of product development direction. Whether it is responsible for research and development of high-end products or the direction of industrial products, the state of their assessment of the reliability and technical level of the two indicators as a standard. Reliability standards have a decisive role, if this standard has not reached, even if the technical standards are high, the R & D or failure of enterprises. CNC system as the key components of CNC machine tools, also related to the safety of the industry. State support not only can protect the safety of the industry, but also can make the development of the industry to speed up the pace. The maturity and development of the numerical control system industry is not without the possibility of the development of the market, but the pace of development will certainly slow down.

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